Nagase (Hong Kong) Limited was established in 1971 as one of wholly-owned subsidiary of Nagase & Co., Ltd. in Japan. It began its life as a modest company with just two divisions, Chemicals and Plastics & Machinery. Now, Nagase (Hong Kong) Limited has grown to become a leader in the industrial distributing well-known brands of Chemicals. Plastics, Electronics and Products. Nagase (Hong Kong) Limited is fulfilling the function as an information center in Hong Kong and South China for the Nagase group headquarters in Japan. As the change of economic policy, recently we are glad to enjoy the good trade with China and pay more effort to develop the business in China. Nagase's deeply rooted global networking offers its clients and business associates an excellent base by introducing its products and technical developments to the local regional markets. The company's expertise in related fields also enhance its standing as a middleman/consultant, offering its customers the advantage of working with a company with excellent global support. Besides providing the general services to our customers, our well-trained marketing staffs are willing to provide the latest market & product information in their respective industries. Moreover, with the fully support from our headquarters in Japan, on time delivery is regarded as one of our proud services which is much appreciated by our customers. Handling a wide variety of products, Nagase (Hong Kong) Limited maintains direct contact with its associates in many industrial sectors.